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A small, single piece hearing device worn in the ear to reduce stress. Calmer features a unique technology that reduces distortion in our ears and calms your environment in a subtle, but potentially life-changing way.

Calmer colours available: Grey, Translucent

Calmer sizes available: Standard, Mini

Find out more about sizing.

Also available: Calmer Night and Calmer PRO


Rather than blocking out all sound, Calmer changes the shape of your ears to reduce distortion and lower the volume of unpleasant frequencies.

  • Reduces stressful frequencies without muffling sound
  • Soothes sound sensitivities and helps you feel calmer


How it works

Calmer reduces resonance (distortion) by using a tiny waveguide inside our ears that removes the effect of the Concha. The Concha is the small shell shape that connects to our ear canal which normally resonates mid frequency sounds:

By removing this resonance, Calmer dampens the most common alert-triggering noises such as phone alerts, dogs barking, trains, slamming doors and sudden loud vocal noises. Also, mid frequency sounds have none of their normal painful aspects.

In the graph above, the blue area shows a reduction in unwanted energy (distortion) between the frequencies of roughly 2 kHz - 8 kHz when Calmer is worn. As a result, this produces a much more even response and therefore an improved and more pleasant sound.

The black area (without Calmer) shows the natural peaks of energy that result in harsh noises that trigger a stress response.

As these trigger frequencies are reduced, so too are your stress levels.

Ideal for

Sensitive hearing, hypersensitivity to sound associated with autism, hyperacusis, misophonia, noise-related stress and other hearing conditions.

Useful when...

  • in noisy areas
  • travelling / commuting
  • in the workplace
  • studying
  • you're anywhere you'd like a calmer environment


  • Fits comfortably inside the ear and easy to remove
  • Moulded in soft-touch durable silicone
  • Patent pending technology | 2004011.9
  • Independently tested by ISVR (Institute of Sound and Vibration Research)
  • Calmer does not contain latex

What's included?

  • One pair of Calmer
  • Flare carry pouch
  • Instruction manual
  • 'Flare Upgrade' sticker
  • Supplied in 100% recyclable paper packaging


Available in Standard and Mini size.

We recommend Standard size Calmer for most people.

However, if you usually find in-ear devices such as earphones and earplugs too big, then Calmer Mini is likely to provide a better fit.

Fitting instructions included. You can also check out this video about fitting Calmer correctly.

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Sam R.
New Zealand

Super service

Amazingly fast service. Product is a game changer. Eliminated my sound sensitivity. Super comfortable and discreet. Love it

New Zealand New Zealand


I didn't think they did anything at first because everything sounded the same, but I managed to make it through a meal with my family without spending the whole time cringing at all the sounds of knifes vs plates like I usually would. I've been wearing mine 3 days and they have helped alot. They are comfortable to wear until they're not then they can be pretty annoying. I would buy again.