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Kaiko Fidgets

Double Cog


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The Double Cog is a hard wearing, metal fidget spinner made by Melbourne brand, Kaiko Fidgets. Weighing 24 grams, it's weightier than The Original Cog and has two cogs that spin independently of each other. It's easy to spin one handed and vibrates with a lovely soft hum.

Measuring 2.2cm diameter, the Double Cog spinner easily fits in a pocket and is very discreet. Ideal for the workplace, travel, out and about, while studying – wherever you go, it can go with!

The two flat metal sides need to be retightened occasionally – just screw them together. You can also completely unscrew them from the spinning cogs if you like, offering an additional way to stim with this.

Gripping or rolling the cog teeth over hands and fingers provides intense sensory input.

Materials: Aluminium and stainless steel.

Size: Approximately 2.2cm in diameter and 1.6cm wide.