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Kaiko Fidgets

Finger Spikey


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A stretchy but firm spikey sensory acupressure ring made from powder coated metal and available in four colours. The Kaiko Finger Spikey is the ideal way to get strong sensory input on the go. Provides a similar sensation to biting, scratching or picking your skin and nails – minus the harm.

Ideas for use

  • Roll up and down your finger – using the same hand or your other one
  • Rub between two palms
  • Grip in one or two hands
  • Twist around your finger using your thumb to apply varying degrees of pressure
  • Squeeze adjacent fingers into it

Please note if wearing the Finger Spikey for any period of time, it's important to monitor your skin to ensure it's not compromising circulation.

Comes in one size: 1.4cm internal diameter unstretched.

The ring can be carefully stretched to provided a looser fit if preferred. This should be done section by section to create an even stretch. Please note, once stretched in this way, it can't be unstretched again.


  • Ideally suited to those who like strong sensory input, the Kaiko Fidgets Finger Spikey and  Wrist Spikey provide deep and focused pressure.
  • Made of a powder coated metal that is woven to be stretchy and flexible yet firm.
  • Ideal for folks who pick at their skin, fingernails and clothing.
  • Includes storage container.
  • Expandable carbon steel metal.
  • The metal is highly durable but can be over stretched if used not in accordance with its typical use by rigorous stretching. It is not meant to be pulled significantly. It will not recover if over-stretched.