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Flare Audio

Flare Earfoams® 4 Pack (Replacement Tips for Isolate®)


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Flare Earfoams are the replacement tips for earplugs made by Flare Audio. Available in 2 sizes: Standard and Large and compatible with Isolate earplugs as well as Flare Audio's Sleeep series. A pack of 4 tips (also available in packs of 8).


After extensive testing and customer feedback, Flare simplified the range of sizes to Standard and Large. 


These spherical hypoallergenic tips are perfect at blocking any small gaps compared with traditional tapered shaped earplugs.


Earfoams are designed for use on all of Flare's earplug models made from 2021 onwards. When fitting the tips to your earplugs, always make sure there is no gap between the bottom of the tip and the stem. This means they’ll have a nice secure fit when you put them in your ears.


A slow rebound time helps you achieve a snug fit. This will allow you time to adjust the earplugs before they’re fully expanded.

Technical Specification


Earfoams are designed to suspend the metalwork in the ear and stop any transfer of sound to the ear drum.


Super-soft memory foam exterior

Durable silicone inner core

Earfoams do not contain latex

Size (diameter)

Standard: 11mm

Large: 12mm

Made in England and CE certified to BS EN 352-2-2002