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Flare Audio

Isolate® Earplugs Clear


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Turn down the volume with the new generation Isolate® Clear by Flare Audio. These earplugs are designed to block out a lot of sound - ideal for loud environments or when you’re nearing meltdown.

You’ll still be able to hear some nearby sounds through bone conduction - including people speaking to you clearly, and loud music at gigs - only much quieter and without other competing noises to overwhelm you.

Relax, reduce annoying sounds (including deep base sounds) and protect your ears with Isolate 3 earplugs.

With a newly designed, lightweight, low visibility body plus upgraded hypoallergenic foam tips for premium comfort, superior fit and maximum sound attenuation.

Also available in Aluminium and Pro (Titanium) models.

Updated Isolate design 

A slimmed down stem makes them a more comfortable fit than older Isolate versions, with no loss of acoustic performance. Flare have also enhanced the Earfoams® replaceable tips with a new spherical design, perfectly blocking all the gaps in the outer ear.

Replaceable memory foam tips

Standard and Large size Earfoams tips are included so you can try out both sizes and decide which fits best. Replacement Earfoams tips are $11 for a pack of 4 and $19 for a pack of 8, making these extremely cost effective earplugs. 

It's important to regularly inspect the tips for serviceability and maintain them in accordance with instructions. Be sure to replace your tips when they start to “flake”, tear, or lose their memory foam properties (e.g. the foam expands quickly rather than slowly).

Protect your ears and lower the volume...

  • In any noisy environment
  • During gigs and concerts
  • When travelling / commuting
  • In the workplace
  • When studying
  • Anywhere you'd like a quieter environment

What does Isolate do?

  • Significantly lower loud and harmful noises to protect your ears
  • Reduces stressful frequencies
  • SNR 32 dB – i.e. Isolate Clear blocks out a lot of sound

Even attenuation

By attenuating frequencies more evenly, you're safely protected from harmful levels of bass, mid and treble while enjoying an accurate sound experience - just at a much lower volume.


  • CE Certified to European standards
  • Injection moulded ABS
  • Re-invented spherical tips for the ultimate fit
  • Easy-clean and hypoallergenic

The materials

Isolate comes in three models: Clear, Aluminium and Pro

Clear | The Clear version is made from injection moulded ABS and features a completely transparent look.

Aluminium | The Aluminium variant has a naturally anodised finish and is precision turned from solid aluminium.

Pro | The premium Pro model not only has the highest grade turned titanium finish but also has the most even frequency attenuation.

Attenuation data

Does Isolate block out all sound?

Isolate works by blocking sounds from entering your ear canals. However, you'll still hear via bone conduction - your skull vibrates from sound sources that are close to you. As a result, you can hear, albeit at a much lower volume.

Technical specification


Isolate is CE certified to EN352-2 European standard. The re-invented replacement tips offer supreme fitting by using a sphere shape to block the ear canal.

Stem size

without tip

  • Length: 18mm
  • Diameter: 3mm

with standard tip

  • Length: 21mm
  • Width: 11mm



Transparent ABS


Super-soft memory foam

Isolate does not contain latex


Isolate arrives in 100% recyclable packaging.

SNR rating

32 dB

Included with every set of Isolate

With every pair of Isolate you also receive a Flare carry pouch, one pair of standard and large tips and fitting instructions.