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Kaiko Fidgets

Glow In The Dark Stretchy Caterpillar


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The Glow In The Dark Stretchy Caterpillar by Kaiko Fidgets is soft with a velvet-like finish (not sticky) and lots of textured bumps. Plus they have 30 legs and 2 antennae to pull and squish. Ok, so it's not anatomically correct for a caterpillar to have 30 legs, but we'll let that slide...  

When stretched and released it pings back into shape without hurting your hand due to its softness. These can take a good amount of stretching (3 times their length or so) but can break if overstretched. 

Stretchy Caterpillars are also nice to jiggle and squeeze, with the bumpy textured body providing added sensory input when rubbed. 

Comes in your choice of 5 glow-in-the-dark colours.

Each caterpillar is 25cm long by 3cm wide (including legs) and is made from soft synthetic rubber.