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Steel Lynx

Möbii® Daydream Mercury Silver – Extra Large Möbius Fidget Ball


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Möbii Daydream in Mercury Silver is an XL möbius fidget ball. It has a smooth shine, thick glossy finish, and large rings to grip.

A bit bigger than the Möbii Deep Thought and made of a lighter metal  – Anodised Aluminum vs Stainless Steel. Daydream weighs 2.5 oz (approx 70g) compared to Deep Thought which comes in at 8 oz (approx 225g).

Designed and handcrafted by Steel Lynx in Anderson, Indiana. 

Möbii Daydream Design

Möbii Daydream is on the bigger side so will fit in to jean and coat pockets for carrying around but probably excels best as a desk, car, or quiet nook fidget.

Ideal whenever you need to keep your hands busy, move, let off stress, soothe your anxiety, or ease boredom.

The rings are made from anodised aluminium and are woven together so you can rotate them through and spin the Möbii in your hand endlessly.

The Möbii design cycles back in on itself when you play with it so it goes on forever, making it extremely satisfying and soothing to hold.

  • Quiet, discreet and loops for infinity play
  • Measures about 2 1/2 inches across (6.5 cm)
  • Easily washed if needed in regular soap and water
  • High-gloss coating is non-reactive and odourless

Möbii are an original and Trademark of Steel Lynx. Expect and accept only the best!