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Steel Lynx

Möbii® Deep Thought – Large Stainless Steel Möbius Fidget Ball


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Named after the computer from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Möbii Deep Thought is crafted from large stainless steel chainmail rings for those times where you really need to gather your thoughts while your fingers wander.

Deep Thought is sizeable and weighty – ideal as an office or studio fidget toy. There's no puzzle to solve but rather a never ending weave of rings that flow over each other.

The metal rings are loose enough to pull over one another while the möbius infinity pattern weave never ends. 

This large möbius measures about 2 inches (5 cm) across and is easily washed if needed in regular soap and water. Möbii Deep Thought gives a very sturdy, solid feel in the hand coming in at 8 ounces (approx 225g).

Designed and handcrafted by Steel Lynx in Anderson, Indiana.

Möbii are an original and Trademark of Steel Lynx. Expect and accept only the best!