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Steel Lynx

Möbii® Fidget Spin Ring in Emerald, Gold & Silverstar


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This Möbii Fidget Spin Ring is handcrafted by Steel Lynx from Emerald, Gold & Silverstar anodised aluminium. Colour rings are woven into a circular möbius pattern that can be worn on the fingers.

The design rolls along the finger for fidgeting and movement, and you can remove it to play with.

Depending on which size you choose, these can be worn on the middle, ring, pinky or forefingers, on the thumb, or as a knuckle ring.

Sizes are determined by the number woven rings – the largest size has 3 and the smallest size has 8:

Size R1/2 (US 9) – 3 rings

Size O (US 7) – 6 rings

Size J 1/2 (US 5) – 8 rings

Möbii are an original and Trademark of Steel Lynx. Expect and accept only the best!