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Love My Brain

Neurodivergent Pride Button Badge


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A little 1 inch (25mm) button badge to display your neurodivergent pride on your t-shirt, bag, lanyard or wherever else you like!

Designed by Alice of Love My Brain, this badge features the rainbow infinity symbol on a navy blue background.

The rainbow infinity symbol celebrates neurodiversity and is often used to express pride in being neurodivergent.

Neurodiversity is a political term coined by Judy Singer in the 90s and describes “the limitless variability of human cognition and the uniqueness of each human mind”.

More recently Kassiane coined the term “neurodivergent” to represent all people who are marginalised because of their neurology.

Not just for neurodivergent (ND) folks, this badge is also ideal to wear if you're neurotypical but identify as an ND ally, as it helps show us you're likely a safe person for us to be ourselves around.