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Quies Soft Foam Earplugs 6 Pairs (Schaumstoff Gehörschutz 6 Paar)


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Designed with comfort in mind, Quies Soft Foam Earplugs feature a practical, tapered bell shape that is anatomically-friendly and easy to roll down and insert.

Each ear plug fits snugly within the ear canal for a secure and effective fit, keeping noise out. The polyurethane is soft and smooth, so they stay flexible and comfortable while you wear them.

Providing 35dB of noise reduction, these ear plugs provide enough protection to keep your ears safe from hazardously loud noises that could damage your hearing, but not so much noise blocking that you feel cut off or isolated from the world around you.

Quies Foam Earplugs are excellent for a wide variety of applications, from working in an industrial setting to sleeping better at night. Consider Quies Foam for concerts, clubs, motorsports, and other loud activities and events.