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Kaiko Fidgets

Rainbow LED Light Keycap Fidget


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The Rainbow LED Light Keycap by Kaiko Fidgets makes a satisfying mechanical key click and lights up. Each time you click and hold there's a different colour (red, green, yellow, orange, turquoise, pink or blue).

If you long-hold the key, the light does a gentle flicker and stays on until you let go, when it turns off again. You can also squeeze it so the keycap clicks into the base and remains on continuously.

You can create different lighting effects depending on your needs and level of sensory stimulation:

  • Create a flashing effect by fast clicking
  • Slowly click on and off for a gentler sensory experience
  • Hold the key down for a longer period to watch the soft glow of colour
  • Click the keycap into the base for a handsfree, continuous flicker

A compact fidget toy at approx 2.8cm high x 1.8cm wide.

Comes with a lobster clasp charm cord.