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Love My Brain

Squishy Bead DNA Ball


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These Squishy Bead DNA Balls have a slightly sticky, jelly-like outer layer with a hollow inside filled with hard, brightly coloured beads.

They're lovely to wobble, poke and shake. The inside is lubricated allowing the beads to slide over and around each other and you can hear them gentle knocking together when you shake the ball.

Because the outer squishy layer is relatively delicate, these don't hold up well to vigorous squeezing. But they're brilliant for jiggling, rolling in your hand and fidgeting with the beads.

For something squishy and sturdy you can give a really good squeeze, try our Plush Slow Rise Squishy Animals, Squishy Water Orbs Ball or Hand Exerciser Stress Eggs Trio.

Measures approximately 5.5cm in diameter.